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Urgent Cash Loans

When you need money fast, you’ve no time for lengthy queues, complicated forms and a drawn-process between you and your cash. Our same day cash loans have offered instant cash to clients all across Birmingham who’ve suddenly needed a short term loan to afford their upcoming holiday or tide them over until the end of the month. Even if you’re quite careful with your finances, nothing can prevent an emergency from cropping up and you need to know where to turn to borrow money fast from a trustworthy lender at affordable rates. Keeley Anns urgent cash loans are the answer!

Whether you want to pop by our pawnbrokers or use the Contact form on our site, we only require a bit of information to authorize your quick cash loan. Spend 2 or 3 minutes to give us the information that we need and our urgent cash loans will transfer the necessary sum of money to your bank account either today or tomorrow! Some of our customers simply need to borrow 80 – 100 to do some grocery shopping or pick up some necessary school supplies. However, our urgent cash loans can provide you with up to 750 to use as you see fit!

Same Day Loans

If you choose to send us an email or fill out our Contact form, please provide the following information:

Your date of birth
Your contact details (both home and work)
Your salary details
The date on which you are paid

Of course, all details to pertaining to urgent cash loans are kept strictly confidential and are only discussed directly with you. All of your personal details will be kept secure and a decision to pertaining to an instant loan will emailed to you as soon as possible along with its terms and conditions. You can agree to our terms and conditions by email and, if approved, the funds will be transferred to you within 24 hours.

How do I know if Im eligible for one of your urgent cash loans? If you are 18 or older and a resident of the UK with a current bank account and a job (currently employed), you are eligible to apply!

We want your experience with our cash loans to be straightforward, short term and easy to repay. If you need money fast, be sure to only borrow a sum which you can confidently repay. As conscientious providers of pawnbrokers loans, we may offer you an instant loan for a smaller amount than what you requested. Of course, we will always offer you the maximum amount for which youre eligible.

Urgent cash loans should always be kept short term. Therefore, you will repay your instant loan within 28 days on your next payday. To make everything as uncomplicated as possible, your debit card will process your repayment, creating the minimum fuss and disruption to your lifestyle.

Our trusted pawnbroker loans offer you instant cash when you need it most. Call or visit Keeley Anns Pawnbrokers in Birmingham today to discuss our urgent cash loans!