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Bureau de Change

Bureau de Change in Birmingham

Get Commission Free Travel Money for your Holiday We understand that when you go on holiday, you want to spend your hard-earned savings on all the enjoyable aspects of travel. Why waste your money paying a commission at a bureau de change? Pick up some travel money at our pawnbrokers shop in either Birmingham or Solihull, whichever is most convenient for you! If you’ve been carefully investigating the best foreign exchange rates in the local area, we’re confident that you’ll find our bureau de change rates to be the most competitive and cost-effective for your needs. Whether you require Yen for a long Japanese excursion or Lira for a quick weekend break in Turkey, Keeley Anns will offer you 0% travel money.

Buying foreign currency has never been easier or offered you better value for money! We know that you have your hands full planning your holiday. Save yourself some time and effort as well as money by utilising our bureau de change! Friendly customer service, competitive exchange rates and no charges. Don’t leave your foreign currency to chance and strand yourself in your destination with terrible exchange rates! Visit our pawnbrokers in Birmingham today so we can demonstrate why we offer the best bureau de change on the high street. Keeley Anns Pawnbrokers’ Bureau de Change in Birmingham is fully regulated by the FSA.